Area Rug Cleaning
Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada

Our Methods and Service Provides A Safer & Better Clean.

Area Rug Cleaning of Las Vegas

In-Home Dry Rug Cleaning

We examine all areas of the rug including the fringe & main body of the rug and also the side edges before we do any work. Any spots or stains will be recorded on your work order.

Provide As Much Info i.e.

  • Age of the Rug
  • Existing Stains
  • Exposure To Sunlight
  • Pet Damage
  • Type of Rug

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No Hidden Fees

Ecodry Area Rug Cleaning Includes Teflon Protection - Only The Best! In-home area rug dry cleaning is what makes Ecodry Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning the #1 choice. There is NO need to send the rug to a facility that can take weeks to complete. Our services will allow your area rug to be thoroughly cleaned and dry the same day!

Unlike water methods, there is no sticky, soapy residue to attract dirt particles and for spots to reappear. Being WoolSafe Approved means the owner does not have to worry about shrinkage, over wetting, mold, mildew or damage to your rug tapestries. If you are needing a carpet cleaning Las Vegas or seeking a well established certified carpet cleaners Henderson LV, give us a call and prepare to be amazed by incredible results.

All Pricing Includes Dupont Teflon Protectant

Sizes Price
10 x 12 $200.00
8 x 10 $145.00
5 x 8 $60.00

If you have any questions or have a size that is not listed, call or submit a form with the details. ($100.00 mininum)

All Types of Tapestry

Ideal for Cleaning Delicate Rugs - The solvents and services with HOST® has been formulated to be safe for all fiber dyes. There is no color-changing or loss when using this proprietary system correctly.

At Ecodry, we take the utmost care in cleaning whatever type of area rugs you may have. With decades of experience and HOST® Certified, we simply are your trusted source for the safest and most effective Henderson and Las Vegas rug cleaning service.

Dry Rug Cleaning - At Affordable Prices

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