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We examine all areas of the rug including fringe & main body of the rug and also the side edges.

But did you know that using HOST can contribute to a cleaner environment both inside and outside your home and facility? In fact no other product has the variety of independent certifications and research that HOST has. With these added benefits, you can trust our team of licensed professionals for all your Las Vegas carpet cleaning needs.

The Green Seal is awarded to products that meet the standards of performance, safety and reliability. Because HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner achieved the Green Seal Certification, you can be sure that it will promote a cleaner, healthier environment, cause less toxic pollution, reduce waste and conserve resources and habitats.

Ecodry Carpet Cleaning Cares About Our Environmental Impact.
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    Health & Safety

    In accordance with Consumer Products Safety Commission and Federal Hazardous Substances Act regulations, HOST is not an eye irritant nor a primary skin irritant and is nontoxic by oral ingestion or by inhalation. HOST is not a WHMIS Control Product. HOST contains no dyes, contains no heavy metals, does not become airborne and has low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). ECODRY Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning guarantees the safest and most effect carpet cleaning procedures.HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner’s Hazardous Materials Information System (HMIS) rating is:

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    Using Less Water

    Water extractors use large amounts of water. Further, they generate large amounts of wastewater which burdens sewers and water treatment facilities. Also, wastewater left in the carpet evaporates, humidifying buildings and forcing air conditioners and dehumidifiers to run harder and longer. Using HOST saves water. In fact, the HOST System deep cleans carpet with 97% less water than typical high-flow water extractors. However, as HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is ready -to-use, the actual water savings in any building using it is 100%.

    ECO Friendly Water Systems
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    Energy Efficient

    Many environmental organizations recognize that it takes quite a bit of energy to heat water used in water extraction cleaning methods. In an effort to lower costs and energy use, such organizations are supporting cleaning systems that do not use water.

    Environmental Friendly
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    Host Gains LEED Points

    The US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Builgin Rating System “is a voluntary, consensus-based, national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings.” Using the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System contributes to earning points to maintain building certification.

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