How to Disinfect Carpet After Dog Poop

If you own a dog, it is essential to learn how to get rid of their stains. A new puppy or even an older one which is carefully trained can have accidents in your home or vomit when they are sick. Fortunately, it is simple to remove these things with a few simple tools and tips. Keep reading our step-by-step guide on how to disinfect carpet after dog poop before it becomes to stubborn to remove and possibly mold in the carpet fibers.

How to Disinfect Carpet After Dog Poop

Step 1: Pick Up Solid Waste

Firstly, you need to remove as much feces as possible with a spatula or dull knife. Just skim the carpet’s surface to avoid rubbing the solid waste farther into the fabric, which makes it even more difficult to clean.

Step 2: Rinse the Stained AreaHow to Disinfect Carpet After Dog Poop

Soak a towel in clean, cool water and lightly dab it on the affected area. After that, use a fresh piece of newspaper or paper towel to soak up excess water. Do it several times to rinse the surface, but avoid getting it too wet. Alternatively, you would use a shop-vac or wet-vac suck up excess water.

Step 3: Apply the Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are available at most home product stores. They can be used to remove and disinfected stains effectively, especially dog poop. You could choose to apply it with a towel and spray cleaner or a carpet cleaning device. Keep in mind to follow directions for the best results.

If you can’t find an enzymatic cleaner, consider using other house cleaning products as alternatives. Make sure these options are safe for upholstery or carpet. Also, you can use general household products or make your own cleaning solution with items like white vinegar because it is suitable for cleaning.

Step 4: Rub Baking Soda in the Stained Area

Baking soda is known as an effective disinfectant which can remove bacterial and soak up any remaining smells or staining which your dog leaves behind. Gently rub the substance into the fabric, so it produces a paste with residual moisture after rinsing. Wait for at least a couple of hours for the baking soda to dry completely, then vacuum up the area.

Do not allow your dog to access the area when you are applying baking soda to the carpet. You can either put a laundry basket on the baking soda applied area or block off the space to make sure it can’t reach it.

Step 5: Allow Your Carpet to Dry Completely

Once you have cleaned and disinfected your stained carpet thoroughly, you will not know if the poop stain is completely gone when the carpet is still wet. Thus, make sure to let it dry and take a look to make sure it is totally clean.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it, dog poop in the carpet can be an eyesore and health risk in your home. That’s why it is essential to remove them as soon as possible. Try out our simple guide to tackle feces and how to disinfect carpet after dog poop and bring the cleanliness to your living space. If the stains are stubborn and still remains after repeated cleaning, it’s time to call a professional service.

Author: Richard Neal

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