Commercial Carpet Cleaning
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24 Hour Commercial Cleaning. Named Best Cleaner for No Drying Times!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Same-Day Carpet Cleaning

Our popular Dry-Extraction process allows for public areas to stay open while we perform our commercial carpet cleaning services. No wet carpets and a longer-lasting clean floor.

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  • No Drying Times
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Proven Care in Commercial Facilities

The appearance of your interior is more important than ever. Customer retention can be dropped by how dirty-looking your floors are. The interior space is a personality of your brand and it simply speaks to the visitors by the vibe it gives off.

The main entrance is key to keeping it tidy and clean. The more this area is maintained, the less dirt and traffic marks end up inside in other areas of the office or complex. Our facility carpet cleaning keeps your office smelling fresh and looking great.

We do recommend yearly floor care in offices but for the areas that have the greatest use, we recommend monthly cleaning routines. Our ability to dry extract the dirt and help repel future stains makes it a great solution for your facility.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner

A clean environment lifts energy and production.

Most Cleaners Don't Vacuum - But We Do!

All-In-One Care - Ecodry Carpet Cleaning saves business owners and managers by including more standard services. Our unique cleaning surpasses the competition by including vacuuming. On top of this, we help in other areas such as cleaning the entire area in half the time when comparing to a wet cleaning system. This alone allows the office to be dried right away instead of having wet floors.

The HOST® cleaning system that we perform our services with is widely accepted as the most viable and effective method of ensuring dry-ready-to-use floors for public sector facilities and commercial offices. Our cleaning solutions do not use gallons of water. This prevents the carpet from becoming soaked and the carpet lifting during the suction phase when using a regular carpet cleaner. Overtime, when using a regular truck-mounted carpet cleaner, the carpets will become noticeable different due to all the carpet stretching and lumps. In comparison, our cleaning benefits are what make us a better solution. Named best commercial carpet cleaning Las Vegas and Henderson, NV service provider.

A More Cost-Effective & Efficient Method

The Perfect Solution - Every management professional or owner looks to provide employees, visitors and returning patrons a better experience. Our carpet maintenance solutions cover an array of properties including; offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, universities, and libraries. To help you understand the power of Ecodry and HOST® derived services, we can carry out a complimentary demonstration at your premises. Prepare to see the difference in our cleaning effectiveness, efficiency and value for money.

Cleaning All - Commercial Premises

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